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Hiring Business Developers – How Any Company Can Hire Superstars

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Thu, Jun 20, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

at Free Webinar

Business developers fall into one of three groups – average, stars, and superstars. While some will increase your revenue by 10%, others will grow it by 100%! In this training, you’ll learn how to separate the average from the starts and superstars and hire a business development professional who can deliver more contract wins.

We will cover several key topics, including:

  • Common challenges in recruiting and hiring a business development professional
  • Setting expectations for what you should require from a new business developer;
  • How to interview and the key questions you should ask;
  • And lastly, compensation mechanisms and how to craft a compensation plan that will attract and keep the industry’s most accomplished sales professionals.

This training provides award-winning techniques and strategies that have directly helped companies win more than $2 Billion in government contracts. As a result of these strategies, the presenter, Mr. Joshua Frank, managing partner of RSM Federal, was awarded SBA’s Veteran Business of the Year, Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Small Business Advocate of the Year, and Silicon Reviews Top 50 Trustworthy Companies of the Year awards.

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Hiring Business Developers – How Any Company Can Hire Superstars

Date:  June 20, 2019
Time:  1:00 p.m. EDT
Trainer:  Joshua Frank
Cost:  FREE with coupon code CT9102


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Meet Your Instructor:

JOSHUA FRANK:  Award-winning business coach, professional speaker, and bestselling author, Mr. Frank is a nationally recognized authority on government sales and business acceleration. With 28 years in the government market, he speaks nationally on small business strategy. He specializes in the development and implementation of techniques and strategies required to differentiate, position for, and win government contracts. His training seminars are consistently rated as one of the strongest seminars at national conferences and events. Mr. Frank’s coaching has helped companies win more than $2 Billion in government contracts.

Mr. Frank’s techniques and strategies facilitate improved positioning, competitive advantage, and sales cycle acceleration for winning new contracts and increasing revenue. His training, with hundreds of testimonials, is consistently rated as being real-world, highly educational, and brutally honest.

Managing Partner at RSM Federal, Joshua Frank is the author of The Government Sales Manual, the Amazon’s number one bestseller An Insider’s Guide to Winning Government Contracts: Real World Strategies, Lessons, and Recommendations and the Federal Access Program. With nationally recognized and award-winning strategies, RSM Federal has facilitated more than $2 Billion in government contracts for its clients and members. Due to this success, Mr. Frank was awarded the SBA award for Veteran Business of the Year, the National award for Industry Small Business Advocate of the Year by the Society of American Military Engineers, and the Top 50 Trustworthy Companies of the Year by Silicon Review.

Mr. Frank serves as Chairman of the Board for the Midwest Veterans Advocacy Foundation (VAF) / Veterans Business Resource Center (VBRC). Mr. Frank also supports the SBA’s Emerging Leaders Program and judges applications for Arch Grants providing startup funding for entrepreneurs.An avid outdoor enthusiast, Girl Scout and Boy Scout leader, Mr. Frank lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife, daughter, and son. He is a former military intelligence officer with an undergraduate degree in English, a Masters in Management Information Systems (MIS), and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

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