Joint Certification Program (JCP)

Joint Certification Program (JCP)


Joint Certification Program (JCP)


DD Form 2345

Specific Instructions for Filling Out Form JCP Certification is required to handle/access Department of Defense/Department of National Defense (DOD/DND) unclassified export controlled technical data for the following purposes:

  • DOD solicitations that involve access to export controlled data

  • Conference/meeting attendance that discusses/shares DOD/DND export controlled material/data

  • DOD/DND export controlled technical data exchange between vendors

  • Obtain Request for Proposal (RFP) details involving DOD/DND export controlled data

  • DOD Research/Development projects involving export controlled data

  • To participate in a Directly Arranged Visit (DAV) (Canada to United States (U.S.) or U.S. to Canada)

Failure to provide accurate and complete information will result in your Application being returned or rejected.

Note: If you are a U.S. Entity, do not submit a DD Form 2345 unless Entity has a Valid Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number, is currently registered in the System for Award Management System (SAM), and has an Active Commercial and Government Entity/North Atlantic Treaty Organization (CAGE/NCAGE) Code. (Refer to the links in Block 2d for assistance with these agencies).


Download DD2345 Blank Form

Download Block 4 Information Guide


Written by Valerie Marchand

Procurement Specialist

Groton Office


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