CTPTAC Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

Message from the State Director, As you know the CV19 virus is dominating the news and our personal and professional lives in a significant way.CT PTAC is still open for business to support you on a...

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Procurement Forecast

Did you know that by law, federal agencies are required to share their procurement needs?   Forecasts will assist you in doing business with federal agencies. This procurement forecast is from the...

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What is a Micro-Purchase?

Federal Level: MICRO-PURCHASES: Micro-purchase means an acquisition of products or services where the aggregate amount does not exceed $10,000. COMPETITION: Purchases within...

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Interested in Government Procurements?

While working with the Federal government, businesses must learn to navigate the acronyms and numbers that each agency or department adopts. This can be hard for many small businesses, where...

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