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What is a Micro-Purchase?

Federal Level: MICROPURCHASESMicropurchase means an acquisition of products or services where the aggregate amount does not exceed $10,000. COMPETITION: Purchases within the micropurchase threshold can be awarded without soliciting competitive price quotations if the price is reasonable. Read more here: FAR 13.201


State Level: Procurement by micro-purchases. Procurement by micro-purchase is the acquisition of supplies or services, the aggregate dollar amount of which does not exceed $3,000. (varies by city/town)


Small Business Opportunities in Micro-Purchasing

Did you know that 70% of government procurement transactions are micro-purchases through credit cards?


Things You Must know!

  • Micro-purchases are not published/not posted anywhere

  • The process is open-market

  • Awarded without soliciting competitive quotations

  • Federal Contracting officers and State Purchasing Agents are looking for small businesses in their area


  • Market your business to your potential customers!

  • Start and build relationships with government small business offices in your area

  • Be creative, what can you sell (service/product) under the micro-purchase threshold?

Advantages of Procurements by Micro-Purchases

  • Reduces administrative costs

  • Reduces paper-work

  • fast turn around means faster payment

  • Build past performance

  • Build trust

  • Lower dollar contracts mean lower risk

Improves opportunities for small businesses to do business with government



Written by Marisol Herrera

Procurement Specialist

Fairfield County

email: mherrera@secter.org

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